OFW works with various business clients by locating a skilled professional worker, interviewing and screening that worker, setting up interviews, and administering all hiring and migration paperwork. OFW will source and train workers to be equipped with skills from the industry standards of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and the USA.

We ensure that the worker is provided with opportunities for fair and honest work and pay, and the employer is provided with quality workers of maximum productivity.

Our objectives extend to the following:

  1. To provide high quality, experienced, professional workers to businesses and industries that are currently relying on traditional recruitment processes.
  2. To provide employees with a distinguished sourcing process for an end to end service; and
  3. To use this opportunity to make the contingent work force a better place for both the employer and the employee.

About Us

OFW Workbase, Inc.

OFW Workbase, Inc. (OFW) is a recruitment agency working solely with skilled, professional workers and international industries from Australia, New Zealeand, the United Kingdom, Canada, USA and other first-world countries. OFW is a recruitment agency that provides an end-to-end service for both employers and employees in several highly recognized industries and professions.

OFW management has more than ten (10) years of combined experience in the fields of consulting, marketing, education, construction, engineering and training. This earns OFW high recognition from various internationally recognized companies and institutions worldwide.

Our Vision

OFW Workbase, Inc. aspires to be a leading resource for international employers and companies to improve their businesses through quality sourcing of job and industry ready workers.

OFW is committed to being completely service minded, customizing work force packages and offering the most it can to both the employers and employees.